How to Buy an Old House

Old houses for sale are becoming a popular option for people searching for an investment for them to work on and make some money. However, you need to be aware that old houses can be potentially a large amount of hard work.  Old houses are typically full of charm and character, and if you invest time and effort they can be restored beautifully.

Choosing any house to purchase is an enormous undertaking that needs to have serious consideration regarding many different elements. All properties will need general upkeep, however, the older the property, the more repairs which will be needed. You need to ensure that you are aware of the size of the project, which you are taking on.

There are many old houses for sale, and some are fascinating with several years of history. If you have your heart set on purchasing an older style property, there are several things that you need to bear in mind. It is advised that you inspect older properties far closer than newer styles, and always have a survey carried out before you agree a price.

Is Cheap the Best Way to Go?

You may think that you are getting a bargain when you purchase an older house, as they are often far cheaper. However, you need to ensure that you remain level headed and appreciate why the property is so cheap. You need to ensure that if your building knowledge is not comprehensive, you take along an expert, to view the old house for sale.

Several areas of the house will need particular attention to ensure that they will not cost you a fortune to repair and renovate. Both the top and the bottom of the older style houses are problem areas, and can cause massive headaches. You need to check the floors, supports and roof extremely carefully to ensure that these are not serious problems.

The foundations will need to be assessed to ensure that they are level, and often if the problem is severe you will be able to notice as you walk through the house. With older style houses, the floors do tend to more uneven than newer designs. However, a gentle slope may not be a concern, but a large slope or sunken area may be a sign there are issues.

If the floors are concrete, you need to ensure that there are no cracks, and that the tiles are secure with no lifting issues. Tears across the floor will often indicate that the foundations are moving, and you need to ensure that this movement is not a massive problem. Wooden floors can look lovely; however, you will need to check for rot and termite issues.

Structural Issues

Any property with serious structural problems should be avoided, and old houses for sale with these issues are simply not worth the headaches. Leaking roofs and cracked foundations are common problems, which can be fixed at a cost. You need to determine how much you are willing to pay to renovate the house.

Plumbing is another area that may need updating and some older houses may have older style galvanized steel which will need replacing. If the plumbing has been leaking, it may have caused other issues and problems throughout the house. Old houses for sale, will often have old iron drains and pipes, which may have become damaged and need replacing.

The wiring throughout the house should also be considered and often the older style wiring system will not be able to cope with modern appliances and equipment. You need to check that the electrical box has the correct fuses and grounded outlets. Older houses had no need for breakers as the appliances were not as powerful; therefore, you are likely to need to rewire the house.

You need to appreciate that many years of weather; pests and general wear and tear will take its toll on any property. Safety standards are often not in place, and older homes are typically not environmentally friendly. The insulation will be nonexistent, and often the original building materials will be unsafe.

Older houses were typically insulated with asbestos, which can be deadly to handle; therefore, you will need to hire professionals. Windows will likely be a single pane design, making them prone to let the warm air escape. Every element of the insulation, heating, plumbing, wiring and roof materials are likely to need replacing.

Searching for an old house for sale is not all doom and gloom, and you may find some fascinating features hidden in the building. Finding any old fire places, fixtures or original features is a remarkable find. Elements like this will look incredible when they are restored back to their former glory, and the property may become a labor of love.

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