How to Choose a Name for Your Pet Cat

Interesting cat names have become increasingly popular for pet owners to choose, as cats have become part of the family, with their own unique personality.

If you find that your kitten is mischievous and entertaining without even trying, you need to find the right name.

Choosing the perfect name for your pet can be a challenge, however, once you find the right name, everyone will be delighted.

There are several different ways that you can choose the right name for your cat; however, sometimes the name will simply come to you. The name that you choose needs to be easy to pronounce and a name that you will want to hear for many years. Choosing a name in haste, can end in disaster, and leave you and your cat feeling let down.

Happy CatYou may want to look at the different features that your cat has and choose funny cat names from your cat’s appearance. Some owners use the color of the cat’s fur, or a facial expression to choose a name that suits their cat. Sooty, marmalade and snowball are all incredibly popular names, which owners have thought of due to the color of their cat.

Kittens are incredibly cute, and this is the ideal time to choose the perfect name, which will suit their personality. Funny cat names do not have to be unusual, and many people choose the name of their favorite comedian for their cat. Often the smallest reference to something funny will make you smile and laugh the most.

You need to ensure that you choose a name that will grow and develop with your cat, as something cute and whimsical for a kitten, may not suit an adult cat. Choosing your perfect cat name can be time consuming as choosing your child’s. You need to ensure that you are happy with the name that you choose and that you will not mind calling it late at night for many years.

There are many different alternative cat names to choose, and you may want to think out of the box and choose a name that is unique.  Some people are turning to nature when they are searching for the best cat names, and are choosing trees, flowers and plants to name their cats. Pagan and Wiccan names are also popular, and can ensure that your cat has a unique name.

Letting your children choose the new pets name can often cause amusement, and you will be amazed how funny and unique the name can end up being. Children often make up words; therefore, your cat may end up with an incredibly unusual name, which causes smiles every time it is said. If you have two kittens, the names can become even more amusing.

Comedian duos, singers and famous actors are often chosen when there is a need for two names at the same time. Peaches and cream, Laurel and Hardy and fish and chips, are all incredibly popular choices. However, some people prefer to name their cats individually, ensuring that their unique personalities shine.

Regardless of how you choose your precious new pet’s name, people will always ask how you found the funny cat names, and the story behind the decision. Once your new cat has their name, they can begin to settle into family life, and enjoy their unique name with pride.

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