Clicker Training Dogs

Clicker dog training is very gentle, guiding and shaping behaviours rather than forcing them. Clicker training dogs uses positive reinforcement to elicit a desired response instead of punishment for incorrect behaviour. Dogs learn rapidly and this method has been used to train dogs for movies and television.

Dog clicker training does not require any expensive supplies. You will need a collar, but the type is up to you. Generally a standard collar is sufficient, but buy whatever dog collar is right for you and your dog. A leash will also be needed to ensure you retain control over your pet until he will obey your verbal commands. Of course you will need a clicker. This is a small piece of plastic with a button that emits a distinct sound when pushed. This sound becomes the positive reinforcement, telling your dog he did what you wanted him to do. You will also need a supply of treats, at least until your pet is properly conditioned to the sound of the clicker.

Teaching your dog to recognise the sound of the clicker is the first and most important step of clicker training for dogs. You, the trainer, will simply take your dog in a room that is ideally free from distractions, making sure you have plenty of treats handy. Press the button on the clicker and give him a small treat. Repeat this until your dog waits for a treat when he hears the sound. This is demonstrating to him that this sound is good, and that it is something he wants to hear.

Eventually you will not need to give a treat every time you use the device, but it is important in the beginning stages of clicker training. You are introducing a new element into your dog’s life, and it should be paired with something he already sees as positive. At some point the sound of the clicker alone will be a positive thing, and he will no longer need the association with treats.

Once your dog is familiar with the clicker and what it means, you can move onto teaching him simple commands. Make sure you use the clicker every time your pet exhibits the desired behaviour, and give him a treat until it is no longer necessary. You should also teach your dog hand or verbal signals to illustrate your commands during this time. This will enable you to eventually even phase out the clicker.

Clicker training dogs can go hand in hand with dog leash training. Using a leash during clicker training allows you to gently guide your dog into the correct behaviour. Using a clicker while dog leash training helps ensure complete control in dangerous or unexpected circumstances.

There is no limit to what behaviour you can teach when clicker training dogs. For more complicated or special training, you may want to find a good clicker training video. This can teach you each step along the way, demonstrating the most effective methods in an easy to follow manner. A good clicker training video will be a valuable resource in quickly and effectively clicker training your pet. You can find out more about dog obedience equipment here

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