Cosmetic Dental Work

Cosmetic dental work is something many people will need to get at some point in their life.

Cosmetic work can range from a simple crown to fix a chipped tooth to complete dental implants and many things in between.

If you have found yourself in the position of needing cosmetic dental work done there are a few things you should know.

Will Insurance Cover

Dental WorkThis question resounds through dentist’s office all across the land. Surprisingly the answer is it depends. Some companies will cover certain cosmetic dental work if it pertains to the health of the individual.

For example if your teeth are in terrible shape, crooked, buck toothed or otherwise in need of braces some insurance companies will pay for them. On the other hand if you have a couple of teeth slightly out of alignment they may not, it all depends on your insurance policy.

Do not assume that your plan will not cover a procedure, you might be surprised at the procedures you could have if you simply read your plan or made a phone call. Your dentist might be able to instruct you further particularly if you have a popular insurance in your area.

Choosing Cosmetic Dentist

You may think that a dentist is a dentist and there is no need to shop around for your cosmetic dental work. On contraire, my friend you should definitely shop your cosmetic dentists! Not just for the price of the procedures, because these are going to be quite similar, but more so for their education, complaints, references and more. Just because DDS follows, their name does not mean they should be doing oral surgery or implants on you.

What about Mexico

There is a growing trend to make a run for the boarder to get cosmetic dental work done. It is thousands cheaper many times and especially for many southern states easily accessible. You should be very careful if you ever decide to do this, in fact it really is not recommended at all. However, for those who simply will not be dissuaded here are some tips.

If you are, having a major procedure done such as implants make sure a dentist in the states will do your after care. Things can and do go wrong in the best of circumstances and you would not want to try to book a flight back to Mexico in an emergency.

Research, research and research some more to find the absolute best practitioner. In boarder, cities many times there are good dentists who can perform your cosmetic dental work. Check references, read reviews online and if any way possible talk to someone who has seen the dentist before.


There is much to learn about cosmetic dental work. There are many procedures and new technology becoming available every day. Keep up with your annual visits to your dentist to prevent problems however if you are in need of cosmetic dental work the above tips are helpful.

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