Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Cosmetic ear surgery is a procedure that has become incredibly common, with more people than ever before choosing to have work done to their ears. Appearance and beauty has become serious issues for people, and imperfections that would have once been ignored, are now being altered. There are many reasons why your ears may not be perfect; therefore, you may want cosmetic surgery to rectify the problem.

The professional name for cosmetic ear surgery is otoplasty, which can cover several different surgeries concerning the ears. These procedures can include reshaping the ears, reducing the size of the ears and tucking the ears. All of these surgical procedures can be carried out on both children and adults, and there is an extremely high level of success.

Position of Ears

Ear Being PulledYour ears stick out from your head making them the ideal target for damage and accidents, which can cause embarrassment. The position of your ears also makes them highly noticeable, therefore, if they protrude more than normal, this can affect your appearance. Many people are incredibly self conscious where their ears are concerned, and want to have some form of surgery to correct the problem.

There are several different cosmetic surgery procedures which can be done to help you with the appearance of your ears. The procedure that you need will depend on what is wrong with your ears, and what you want to achieve. The size, positioning and shape of your ears can have a large affect on your self esteem. What you consider, to be perfect may be different to other people; therefore, you need to discuss your expectations.

Ear reshaping surgery has been incredibly common for several years and can help with self confidence issues and low self esteem. If you feel that your ears are more prominent than you would prefer, you may want to consider having cosmetic ear surgery. This will involve tucking the ears closer to your head, ensuring that they are not as prominent.

Development abnormalities may have also caused your ears to grow at different rates, making one ear smaller than the other. In this case, you will need to have the ear reshaped and made to appear symmetrical to your other ear. You may have also suffered from some form of accident, which caused damage to your ear.

In extreme cases, you may have lost your ear through an accident, which will result in you needing reconstructive surgery to rebuild your ear. There are some incredibly skilled surgeons who can perform cosmetic ear surgery on any ear, regardless of the condition. These surgeons have given hope to people who would have had to suffer in the past.

Discussion with Your Surgeon

You will discover that from a remarkably young age you will notice differences with your ears, and for some people, it becomes an obsession to change their appearance. Once you have decided that cosmetic ear surgery is something that you want to have done, you will know how you want your ears to appear. Meeting your expectations will become incredibly beneficial to you; therefore, these must be discussed with the surgeon.

If the reason for, your ear surgery is due to damage, your surgeon will need to assess what can be done to your ear. A personal reconstruction can be planned to ensure that you like the result, and are happy with your appearance. However, you need to be realistic regarding what your surgeon is capable of.

Some cosmetic ear surgery can take many months of different surgeries to achieve the right results, and provide you with a functioning ear. However, the tissues in the ear can be highly fragile making the result not as precise at anticipated.  If lucky, your cartilage will begin to grow into the shape that is desired, and you will have a fantastic ear.

You should discuss every element of the surgery with the clinic and surgeon that will perform the procedure.  Cosmetic ear surgery is incredibly common; however, all surgery does have potential risks to your health. Therefore, you need to understand what surgery you have chosen, and how your body is at risk.

Otoplasy is concerned one of the easier surgeries to complete, and typically takes between two and three hours.  You will be under a general anesthetic, which allows the surgeons to perform their changes with ease. This surgery is often used to tuck and set your ears closer to your head; however, it can also be used for reshaping techniques.

The surgeon will be able to make small incisions behind your ears to ensure that the scars cannot be seen.  You will need to have a bandage applied to your head, holding your ears in place for a period of up to 10 days to allow the healing process to begin. You will be up and about remarkably quickly; however, some clinics prefer you to stay in overnight.

OtoplastyMany people claim that the surgery is uncomfortable but rarely painful; however, if you experience any problems you need to tell your surgeon immediately. You must not delay as this can cause future issues and increase the risk of infection. If you follow the post surgery care correctly, you will recover far quicker and have better results.

If you are considering having otoplasy for your child, you should have the surgery performed before their ears are fully developed. This is typically around the age of four, and can ensure that no future ridicule is experienced by your child.

Choosing to have the cosmetic ear surgery at a young age has several benefits including the fact the surgery is less complicated. The cartilage will be softer and more pliable making it better to operate with, and provides a faster recovery. Also, your child will not be old enough to understand the problems associated with their appearance.

Children will need to be monitored closely after the surgery to ensure that they do not interfere with the dressings which have been applied. Once the bandages have been removed, and the stitches dissolved they can return to school. However, monitoring is essential to ensure that the ears and head are not banged in the play ground.

Adults can return to work typically after five days, and as long as there are no issues with the incision site, you will recover well. You will find that your self confidence grows, and that you are far happier to be out in public. Many people suffer with confidence issues regarding their ears and their appearance; therefore, spending the money to have cosmetic ear surgery is an incredible investment.

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