Cruise control on a Burgman

I just did a 4000km trip over Easter.

On the way up, I used a borrowed “o-ring cruise control” which worked well. It just makes the throttle stiff so the return spring doesn’t work. You could wriggle your fingers and adjust the electric screen without the throttle suddenly closing. The problem is that the action
of quickly grabbing the breaks didn’t always close the throttle, thus emergency breaking distance could be significantly increased – scary, besides, the expensive catapillar o-ring broke the 3rd time I took it off. (I didn’t want it on around town)

Burgman Cruise control

On the way back I used a butterfly clip (the kind draftsmen used to use before CAD) and a tent peg. The tent peg goes through the holes of the butterfly clip, held in place by a couple of cable ties. The tent peg hooks onto the break leaver from underneath. The instant you
hit the breaks it slips off

– instant disconnect if you touch the breaks
– handle of the clip is an execllent palm rest, even if you’re not
– it cost 50c

– once disconnected, it’s hard to accelerate PAST the throttle position where the tent peg hits the break lever.
– can be clumsy moving the clip in and out of position.
– if you’re using it as a palm rest and you hit a bump, the weight of your hand on the clip opens the throttle – not dangerous, just not condusive to smooth, ecconomical riding.

Anyway, thought others might be interested in the experience. I did 65000km on my Maj and didnt’ ever wish for cruise control, mainly because it was so much less powerful you knew when you were at cruising speed, but also the throttle return spring was much less
aggressive. I didn’t ever get tired hands or blisters from the Maj. Has anyone tried leaning on the throttle return spring or fitting a softer one? There’s a return cable so it will work without the spring

– obviously not recommended, but the spring doesn’t have to be so strong.

I think I’ll go the electronic version eventualy, more to avoid speeding fines and to maintain constant speed. I wonder if the speedo input can be used to control an AP50 (car cruise control), I’ve installed dozens of those (in cars) They cost $250 from Kmart.

Anyone out there have some experience with electronic cruise controls on Burgers?

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