Do you know the difference between a KYMCO and SYM scooter?

There is no need to worry about the quality of SYM scooters. They are as good as KYMCOs. SYM and KYMCO are fiercely competitive against each other in their domestic Taiwan market to be the market champ. To give you an idea, KYMCO and SYM constantly battle for the market share lead with Yamaha Taiwan usually taking the third place. Genuine’s Buddy and Rattler are good quality scooters. They are made by Taiwan’s PGO. PGO usually takes the fifth place in the Taiwan market.

Taiwan consumers are very demanding with small-displacement two wheelers. They want high quality reliable scooters with 4-valves per cylinder, fuel-injection, and engines that are warrantied for 5 year or more at prices of only 60 to 70% of the comparable scooter models sold here. The advantage of KYMCO is that it’s more established in the US. SYM is still building the dealer channels and parts supply chain. But SYM and Carter Bros will take care of that soon. Right now, to catch up with KYMCO, SYM is pricing their scooters a little more attractively than the comparable KYMCO models.

Anyways, both KYMCO and SYM make good scooters. Just make sure you buy from a good dealer who can support your scooter.


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