Dong Tam Snake Farm Near Ho Chi Minh City

Just outside Vietnam’s capital, Ho Chi Minh City, is a Snake Farm run by the Vietnam Military and is open to the public. It has a facility that helps people who were bit by poisonous reptiles around the Mekong Delta. The Snake Farm covers 12 hectares of natural and man-made environments for the creatures.

I guess since this place is along the way from the Cu Chi Tunnels, our guide allowed us to briefly visit this facility.

There are lots of snakes in here at Vietnam’s Snake Farm. The keepers even allow you to handle some of the reptiles, of course the less vicious ones.

Aside from snakes, the Dong Tam Snake farm also takes care of monkeys, ostriches, turtles, birds, sheep, porcupines and several other small land mammals.

The turtle above was said to have been contaminated with agent orange – one of the chemicals used in the Vietnam War.

On one side of the farm, these sheep roam freely and can be petted. Only a shallow ditch prevents them from escaping the area.

Overall, the place is not bad considering it is open to the public to fund the research facility for treating serious cases of snake bites around the Mekong Delta.

Next stop, downtown Ho Chi Minh!

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