Exploring the Picturesque Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta beach Bali is a world famous beach, which attracts visitors from all over the world to explore the white sands, and crystal clear waters.

The beautiful beach was discovered in the 1960’s by Australian surfers traveling through the area. Since that time, the area and quaint fishing village has expanded and is now a vibrant place to visit.

During the peak summer season Kuta is one of the largest Indonesian tourist destinations, and many younger people visit to experience a cheaper vacation option. Kuta beach Bali, stretches for an incredible 5KM, and is considered the best beach in Bali.  The beach is incredibly well maintained, clean and safe to use throughout the whole year.

This beach is a surfer’s paradise with incredible waves and a massive area to surf, many professionals use this beach. Whether you have surfed before, or want to learn, there are opportunities along the beach for you to enjoying the surf. There are several different venders who will off surf lessons, and ensure that you return home with a new talent.

Things to do

There is a vast array of different activities to explore along the beach, ensuring that every taste and budget is considered. Both locals and tourists can join in with the friendly games of beach football and volleyball. The overall feel of Kuta beach Bali, is a warm, welcoming one, where everyone is enjoying themselves.

Make sure to get a manicure and a massage from some of the local services whilst lazing in the sun!

If you want to venture away from the sand, you can join one of the deep seas fishing boats, experience bungee jumping, or a breathtaking scuba diving tour in the beautiful waters. Exploring the underwater world is fascinating, and you will be amazed at the variety of different fish that you see. The fantastic climate in Bali ensures that the beach remains popular for everyone on vacation.

Along Kuta beach Bali, there are several different bars, restaurants and clubs for you to enjoy both throughout the day and night. Regardless of your taste in music, there will be somewhere for you to relax and watch the sunset. With so many different places to visit along the beach, some people find they have no reason to travel anywhere else in Bali.

Awesome Sunsets

The location of the beach makes it the perfect spot to watch the incredible sunsets, which attract people from all over Bali. Many locals will visit the beach later in the day for a swim, before sitting to watch the sunset. You will find that the beach is never quiet, as people come and go throughout the day and night.

Access to Kuta beach Bali is free, and the only cost you will have is the car park, if you drove to the area. Other than that you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, volleyball and relaxing all for free. There are other activities along the sands; however, the cost is incredibly affordable. Regardless of why you have visited this area of Bali, you will leave feeling relaxed and in awe of the natural beauty of the area.

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