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Whilst my main hobby is Scooters – I though it was time I told my reader an embarrassing secret that I have kept hidden for years…

I Collect Fisher Price Little people!

Yes before you ask – I do know they are toys meant for children, but to my defense I have collected since my childhood so it’s not so bad (or maybe worse, I am not sure)

If you don’t know what Fisher Price Little people are then you are in for a little lesson.

Fisher Price are a toy company that have been going for 76 years and make a vast amount of different toys/games. The little people are little models that are used by small children for role-play style games. To get a better idea of what these little people look like check the pictures below.





The reason I have randomly blogged about this is because I found out that I am not alone.

It seems in the murky world of the online – there are literally thousands of little people collectors and ebay is awash with vintage little people toys.

Anyway I am off to bid on a few and you can do the same if you so wish. Check out this Little Peoples bus on Amazon..

Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers School Bus


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