Fitness: What is P90X?

I stumbled upon P90x while searching for fitness programs for leaner muscles. At first I was skeptical, remembering the aerobics fad in the 80s where everyone wore striped neon-colored leotards.

So I went to their site to know more about this fitness system.

I was one of the crazy people back then who tried TaeBo. Back then it looked like a fun activity and you get to do “martial arts moves.”  Actually the program is good; I shed off my baby fat, which were there since gradeschool, and I felt better inside. But after a few weeks I just stopped since the routines became so boring — it isn’t much of a challenge anymore.

Back to P90X. After scanning through their site I found that what sets it apart is that it uses a technique called “muscle confusion.” It means that it exercises one muscle in one day.

You’ll be given 12 videos and you get to do at least one kind of routine each day thus you won’t get bored. The 12 videos include yoga, kenpo, plyometrics, cardio and synergistics. The program also includes a diet plan for optimal results.

Though it is slated in 90 days, the program also has an extended version if you’d like to extend the program to maintain your fitness.

There are also several testimonials in their site that presented decent results. You might say “yeah right, those pictures were just photoshopped or doctored. But if you search for videos in you tube, you’ll see that there are dozens of P90X progress videos by people who have tried the program.

Here’s one of the progress videos posted on YouTube:

P90X routines are exhaustive and high impact. It is not for beginners since it requires a person to have some level of fitness. Before beginning the program, BeachBody prepared a fitness test as part of the package. It covers flexibility, endurance and strength. If you do not pass the test it is recommended that you take the P90 program before progressing to P90X.

Though it may seem that P90X is for men, the ladies can also use the program to achieve leaner bodies by using low resistance bands or lighter dumbbells. The videos also have female cast members to demonstrate the routines for women.


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