Gifts with a Difference… Custom Beach Towels

If you know someone who is about to celebrate a birthday, or if there is some occasion that you wish to commemorate, why not consider custom beach towels as a gift idea?

You can really do away with the boring and mundane if you put your mind to it.  For instance, if you have a great photograph and know just the person who would appreciate it, you could always frame it up and give this as a gift, or you could have it printed out onto something, like a mouse pad or t-shirt.  Then again, that is all rather boring and common, right?

Nothing too special and unique about those ideas.

This is where customized gifts come in. Personalized blankets, towels, and so on, are really popular and with good reason.  You can take a favorite photograph and have it woven into the actual fabric of the towel or blanket.  It might sound too good to be true but it really is doable and the end results are amazing!

You might be picturing a blob of color that is supposed to be your photograph or picture but really does not bear much of a resemblance if it is not viewed just right.  The type of custom beach towels and blankets that I am talking about are exquisitely done in fine detail.  They will not appear as merely colorful blobs.  Thanks to advanced computer software, precision weaving looms, and the undisputed skill of those that make them, a blanket or towel can depict your photograph in surprising detail.

Oversized beach towels are also great as custom beach towels and are sure to be conversation pieces on the beach.  But now that your interest has been piqued, the question remains, how is this done?  Making the towel is actually pretty complicated but getting the photo or picture to appear on it is not, which might sound strange but is nevertheless true.

The craftsman selects the yarns in all the shades and hues that match your picture the closest.  However, even black and white pictures are great to use for this purpose, especially if they are going to appear on a favorite blanket.  The pictures, whether in color or black and white, should be clear if possible, but certain faults and adjustments can be made during the process if necessary. Giving a customized beach towel depicting a treasured photograph to someone special is surely a great way of showing that you care.  Alternatively, have the picture woven into the fabric of a blanket that can be draped over a chair and snuggled under when the temperatures drop.

Of course, custom beach towels might simply contain the owner’s initials or the insignia of a company, sports team, etc.  It serves almost like a stamp of ownership really.

While giving a towel gift set to someone is a nice gift idea, it can be made extra special if each towel is customized in some particular way.  When the towel contains a distinctive marking that makes it uniquely yours, it becomes more special.

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