Girls Pink Radio Flyer Scooter

You remember those old rock solid shiny red wagons with the metal handle that just lasted forever? Well, the brand name on those manufactured marvels was Radio Flyer.

Those wagons were definitely more than just a child’s toy, they were rugged enough to do real work.

In fact look in any upscale neighbourhood and you’re bound to see one (or a knock off) being used in the garden.


That’s why it’s comforting to see the label emblazoned on the front of you little girl’s first scooter.  Durability and years of use are what the Radio Flyer name is all about. That and a nice shiny enamel paint job, which in this case is pink.

You may remember the two-wheel scooter you’ve seen around. Well, for little ones it’s sometimes hard to balance on, so Radio Flyer looked into the issue and came up with a nice two front wheel design that helps stabilise the turning and pushing off. Not only that, but the kick plate is shaped to give a better path for the leg you push off with.

Another nice thing is the fact that it comes fully assembled and it folds flat for storage.  It ends up being the tiniest little thing. It would fit in even the smallest trunk so that one could easily be taken to a park.

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Imagine a nice sunny day with a bunch of deep green trees set against the seemingly opaque blue sky, watching your little girl scoot about on the little cement paths. What could be more life affirming?  And that’s just what the pink Radio Flyer scooter is all about.

Its promise of durability and solid engineering helps kids be comfortable and safe as they challenge their childhood world and create those indelible memories. Radio Flyer’s been doing that for a long, long time.

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