Go Green with a Vespa

Did you know?

According to Vespausa.com if every American swapped their SUV for an eco-friendly Vespa motor scooter for 10% of their daily travel this would equate to reducing the amount of fuel consumed by 14 million gallons of petrol per day. This reduction in the amount of gas burned would mean that carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 324million lbs. a day. Impressive stuff!

Now you know that at How OMG we like to do our bit to reduce our “footprint” on this earth and now it seems that VespaUSA is finally getting round to using the environment to market their scooters.

Most scooterists have known that by using our small vehicles we are doing far more for the environment than any of the “celebrities” bombing round at 110mpg in their Toyota Prius’s.


In order to get the “word” out, VESPA USA is holding a video competition for a chance to win some scooter prizes. The video has to be about “Vespanomics” which is:

“the ecological, economic, and personal satisfaction one achieves after buying a Vespa scooter. Usage (Ex.) Lillian could be seen stylishly scooting around town once she discovered Vespanomics.”

Some of the videos submitted are worth a watch so enjoy and remember – “Go green, Go Vespa!”



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