How to Find Good eBay Templates

When you start selling seriously on eBay, eBay templates will make your listings look more professional and at the same time make life easier for yourself.

eBay has some ready to go basic templates that you can use straight with your listings. The next place to look for free eBay listing templates is Auctiva. Auctiva has over 1500+ free templates that are available for use straight away.

There is a catch with Auctiva and that is you have to have a link to their site on your listing. It’s usually a small link but unfortunately, that’s an extra exit point for your potential customers.

eBay Templates

The best way to be unique on eBay is create your own templates from scratch. This ensures no-one elase has the same design as you on eBay and when a customer visits your listing it will be fresh to their eyes.

How to Create Your Own eBay Templates

Creating your own eBay template sis rather easy. If you have used frontpage or dreamweaver before then you are half way there. If you have’nt, do not worriy as you can create you template with an online “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) html editor.

There are plenty of free “What You See is What You Get” editors available and here are the top 3 that I recommend using online.

Trellian Web Page


Net Objects Fusion (Paid)

Once you have created what you want, simply copy and paste the raw html code into eBay and adjust to your auction listing. The good news is once you have created a template it’s yours to use over and over again within your ebay store.

I usually keep my html code of my main eBay template in a notepad txt file with a shortcut on my desktop. Everytime I add a new listing to my store, I just copy and paste the code and whallah!!! My eBay template is ready to edit.

Get Someone to Create Your Template for You

Another option if you simply do not have the time is hire someone to create you eBay template for you. It sometimes get’s a little technical trying to html at the same time you are setting up a business.

Simply outsource what you need done to a family friend, local web designer or an overseas html coder. You can hire people online at places such as elance and rent a coder.

These “Online Jobs” are simple to get done and you can even set a bidding option for you what you require done. For example someone might bid $50 to create a template for you and another person may bid $200. But the higher bidder may have alot more experience and will do an overall better job for you.

You can find out more about online services here…



Rent a Coder

I personally use Guru the most out of these 3, but they all offer a similar service.

Host Your Own Images

It’s important to not if you are serious about selling on eBay that you want to have access to hosting so you can host images of your listings on your own site. This will save you alot of money of time instead of using eBay’s picture gallery.

Hosting and a domain name is very cheap nowadays (Less than a $100 US per year) and I recommend either Namecheap for the US or Crazy Domains in Australia.

Wishing You Great eBay Success!

Adrian M,

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