How to Grow Sunflowers

Many people are under the misconception that growing sunflowers is a difficult task. But as long as you have good soil, a little peat moss and some quality seeds you should be able to grow these flowers without any trouble at all.

Begin by mapping out an area that you will plant your seeds in and ensure that they will have at least six hours of sunlight each day. These flowers need as much full sun as they can get.

With the area decided on, you will then begin to mix planting soil into the regular soil of the ground. This can be done with a shovel or hoe and will help to ensure that you have the nutrients the flowers need to grow and thrive in.

Now, dig your holes and place the peat moss into the dirt along with a layer of fertilizer. Then place two inches of soil on top of this compensation and place your seeds into the hole. Top with a layer of soil and then plant your next seed about two inches away.

Water it lightly and ensure that you keep the area moist. Sunflowers require quite a bit of moisture as they are growing and can then be lightly watered regularly after they have started to bloom.

As you can see, growing sunflowers doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to keep these simple tricks in mind.

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