Guerilla Tactics to Promote Your Blog

1. Use free press release sites
If you have something you are doing in your blog that is newsworthy, draft a professionally written press release and broadcast it in free press release sites.

2. Guest post in other blogs
Have your article posted in other blogs, you’ll reach a wider audience and you also get to help fellow bloggers while they are away.

3. Link swap with other sites
Send an email or call webmasters and ask them if they are interested in a link exchange.

4. Sign up with social networks such as Facebook and MySpace
Social networks allow you to gather potential readers and interact with your existing readers.

5. Use twitter, pownce or jaiku
Same with social networks, microblogging services such as twitter allow you to interact with the rest of the blogosphere and reach your readers.

6. Submit your site to specialized site directories
Make sure to submit to specialized site directories with good PR ranks.

7. Submit articles to Squidoo and Buzzle
Promote your blog and establish yourself as an expert in your field with article submission sites.

8. Create an ebook and give it away for free
Create something extra as a treat to your visitors. Have your URL placed in the header or footer of each of the ebook’s pages.

9. Create a free blog or website template
Again, something extra for your audience and if you place your URL in the footers, you’ll have multiple inbound links.

10. Create a flash game
If you have flash development skills, put it into good use and display your blog name and URL prominently in the game screen.

11. Place a StumbleUpon, Digg or link at the end of all your blog entries
If you’ve got a great blog post, readers can favorite it and the rest of bookmarking site members can view it and you’ll get extra page views.

12. Create an interesting video and post it in YouTube
Posting in YouTube will earn you extra visitors and if your video is good enough, it can get viral and your blog famous.

13. Wear a shirt or place a bumper sticker on your car with your URL
This a low tech tactic but it will definitely allow people to know that your blog exists.

14. Add a signature in your outgoing emails with your URL
A simple way to promote your blog. You’ll be amazed how many visitors will be directed through your email signatures.

15. Place your URL in your letterheads and business cards
This is common sense but some people overlook this stuff

Disclaimer: This list is for starting bloggers and doesn’t apply to all blogs. As with all marketing strategies, following all of these tactics will not exactly catalpult your site as the #1 blog in the planet overnight —you also need to have great content.

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