Helping Siblings Learn to Bond

Bonding is important for siblings. If your children aren’t friends or at least able to tolerate each other, all you are going to see is arguing and fighting. At some point, you may need to step in and start pushing them to get to know each other and bond.Basically, the only way to do this is to try and get them to occupy the space more often, hopefully fostering communication.

One great way to get them talking is to have them share a room. They may not be too happy about it, but it is a great step towards helping them bond.

First of all, if neither of them want to share a room you will quickly see them talking in an attempt to work together to change your mind. This starts to open communication which is essential. Once they are in the same room they will be forced to live in the same space, meaning they will be spending more time together.

Take them shopping and tell them to work together in picking furniture and decorations for their room. Bunk beds are a great place to start. After all, they will both need a place to sleep in this new room and bunk beds take up less space than traditional beds. Let them look through options and try and pick one that they both like. Now, this won’t be easy, but hopefully they will find one in the many varieties of bunk beds that they will both like.

From there, look at curtains, lamps, and other decorations for their room. Try to turn it into a bonding exercise by making them pick out their theme together. Once their room is decorated, things may get worse before they get better, so be prepared. It will take time for them to stop fighting and learn to get along, but after the whole experience your children will have a better understanding of each other and be closer together than they ever were before.

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