Horticulture 2009 Garden Show at the QC Circle

The Philippine Horticultural Society is currently holding its 33rd annual horticultural show with the theme “A Walk in the Park.” The show runs from January 16 to 25 at the Commonwealth Avenue part of the QC circle. Entrance fee is 20 pesos, there are also booths that sell and display different types of ornamental plants.

Here’s the schedule of daily lectures at the Horticulture 2009 show:

January 17 Saturday 10AM – What’s New in Fruit Trees by Zac Sarian
January 18 Sunday 10AM – Basics of Bonsai Culture by Modesto Manglicmot
January 19 Monday 3PM – Monopodial Orchids by Carlos Lazaro
January 20 Tuesday 3PM – Aquatic Gardening by Nestor Gregorio
January 21 Wednesday 3PM – Making Natural Fertilizers by Teresa Saniano
January 22 Thursday 3PM – Gamma Irradiation by Fernando Aurigue
January 23 Friday – Mr. Patrick Gozun
January 24 Saturday 3PM – Flower Arrangement by Pearl Banaag
January 25 Sunday 3PM – Tray Landscaping by Serapion Metilla

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