How GPS Can Help You Find Your Stolen Burgman/Kymco/Vespa

The many practical uses for a GPS device have been expanded even further than the average consumer may expect. For one, GPS can assist in helping with the recovery of your stolen scooter! Here’s how:

The Innovation of the LoJack

The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is a motorcycle tracking system than can be installed after the initial purchase of your bike. It allows vehicles to be tracked by police after the motorcycle/scooter is reported missing. The LoJack’s manufacturer claims a 90% recovery rate, and for good reason – the LoJack is unmatched by competitors when it comes to stolen vehicle recovery.

How the LoJack Works

The LoJack takes a page from cutting-edge GPS technology’s book and goes it one further. It employs a radio frequency technology, that actually allows it penetrate walls. If your stolen car happens to be
stashed in someone’s garage or building – or even if it’s concealed by dense foliage – LoJack’s radio frequency technology can find it.

The LoJack, named as such to sound as though the device is the “antithesis of hijack,” has assisted in the retrieval of over 200,000 vehicles worldwide since its introduction nearly twenty years ago.

Another key feature that helps police locate stolen vehicles with the use of the LoJack is its Police Tracking Computers, or PTCs. These devices are directly installed within the patrol cars themselves.
Where applicable, PTCs may also be installed in helicopters and other aircraft.

One Example of LoJack’s Success

Recently, a New York Surgeon was walking out of a movie in Yonkers on a Sunday evening, only to realize that his 2006 Honda motorcycle had been stolen from the parking lot outside the theater. Soon
thereafter, the Yonkers Police Department was able to quickly recover the doctor’s motorcycle – and all with the help of the LoJack For Motorcycles. The recovery happened literally within minutes of the
doctor’s call to the YPD.


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