How to Buy a Four Slice Toaster

If you’ve got to have a new toaster, 4-slice models can make the difference between a smooth or busy mealtime.  Every family member has a busy schedule these days, from your grandma right down to your grade schooler, and it just makes life easier to toast four slices at once.

Low Priced 4 Slice Toasters

Choosing something on the low end of the price scale does not mean poor toast quality.  Many people love the common household brands such as Proctor Silex, General Electric, Hamilton Beach, Black and Decker-and we’re not trying to offend any company by omitting it from this list.  For about $30-35, you can find a toaster 4 slice model that will evenly brown your bread, bagels, English muffins, Texas toast, or frozen toastable breakfast products.

Most of the toasters in this price range generally weigh in at about seven pounds.  Look for wide slots to accommodate whatever you’re toasting.  The outer buttons or levers should respond to a light touch.  A bagel button ensures that the inner, bread part of your bagel is toasted but the outer shiny crust is warmed but not burned.  It’s also important to choose self-adjusting guides.  A dial to choose the shade of your toast should be a standard feature, and make certain the crumb trays are removable for both sides of the toaster.


Medium Priced 4 Slice Toasters

As you start to spend upward a little, you’ll find additional features.  There’s a Black and Decker toaster, 4-slice model, that will stop toasting immediately on any one of the slices in progress.  You can also toast two different food products at once.  Most models have cords that wrap beneath the unit to eliminate clutter on your kitchen counter.

Getting into the $50 range there’s an interesting looking Avante toaster, 4-slice or 2-slice, manufactured by Tefal, also known as the T-fal toaster.  It’s advertised to toast at 1800 watts, which means you get your toast a little faster, and it’s in the 9-pound range.  It’s a slanted model with a stylish look that also makes it easier to watch the progress of your toast.  Some customers swear, too, that it’s better if you have little fingers getting the toast out, although most models include a little lever that will pop the toast up for easy reach.  It’s cool to the touch.

If you’re interested in spending a cool hundred for some hot toast, take a look at a KitchenAid toaster, 4-slice model.  All of the above features apply to this model.  Plus, the crumb trays are not only removable, they’re also dishwasher safe.  Inside the toaster, the heating racks are self-centering.  It makes toast in about two minutes and has a wonderful reheat feature.   The brushed stainless steel surface remains cool at all times and it won’t smudge up with fingerprints.

The BMW of 4 Slice Toasters

True toast gourmets will enjoy one of the Dualit toaster models, which range from $140 to $325.  The low end of this brand’s models comes with a polypropylene body, and it projects a neon glow during the toasting process.

More expensive Dualit toaster 4-slice models are available two ways:  with two slices per side in a longer toaster, or all four slices abreast in a wider model.  You can find them in black, white, stainless, pink, charcoal, yellow, and red, weighing in at about ten pounds.  They are engineered with fewer moving parts to eliminate the kinds of breakdowns you find in cheaper toasters.  When it finishes toasting, it keeps the toast inside the toaster, nice and warm until you’re ready.  The high end comes with a sandwich cage that fits into one of the toasting slots.  It lets you know-by stopping its noise-when toast’s up.  If you’re looking for the ultimate toaster 4 slice workhorse, this is the one to try.

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