How to Deal with Punctures

Suffer from punctures on your scooter? I like to have Tyre Shield in my tyres in the hope that it will seal any puncture before I even know about it.

I have not noticed any punctures on my bike tyres so far but I did use Tyre Shield recently to repair a basketball that my 3yo Lab pup managed to puncture with his teeth.

When it was deflated I wrote it off, assuming I would have to buy a new one, and let him and some other dogs play tug-of-war with the deflated ball. As a result it ended up with about half a dozen teeth puncture holes in it. I put about 30ml of Tyre Shield in it and pumped it up and was surprised a just how many little white blobs started coming out of the ball.

It stayed inflated for about a day the first time but after pumping it up a second time it has remained inflated for many weeks now and the dog plays with it every day. This was a great test of just how good Tyre Shield is at fixing a puncture.

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