How to Fix DLL and EXE Errors

If you were just using your PC as usual and it crashes or hits you with multiple errors then chances are that you need to clean your Windows registry. But as with most PC users you’re not going to pinpoint the exact problem that is causing the crashes or errors. This is where a registry cleaning program comes in handy.

When the registry has become untidy, this is what causes the DLL and EXE errors you’re getting prompted with. Without a clean registry, your PC will begin to run much slower than normal. This is because the registry is so filled with useless data that it can’t access the information it needs to run your programs or Windows itself.

You’ll find that a  Windows Registry cleaner is extremely helpful in these situations. Cleaning your registry will also remove any references to missing and corrupted files.


All you need to do is run the cleaner, accept the changes required to clean the registry and a few minutes later you’ll have a clean registry and a well maintained PC. What the registry cleaner does is go into your registry and will get rid of all the junk data that your computer doesn’t need anymore.

Most registry cleaners will let you make a backup of your current registry so that, in the small chance that the program messes up, there will be no permanent damage.

The best way to prevent these errors from ever occuring is to run your registry cleaner at least once a month, and you’ll be able to stop these errors before they even surface.

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The Windows Registry is an amazing innovation available with modern versions of Windows. It is able to store large amounts of configuration data without compromising overall computer memory. This is of course when the database is operating at its best capacity.

If it becomes full of errors, (which happens even for the most cautious computer users), it will be a virulent curse on the computer it resides in. Computer users have to deal with numerous errors and crashes when their Windows Registry contains errors.

Sometimes these errors or crashes may cause the computer to go to the point of no return, even for the most skilled computer repairman. This is why people need to make use of programs that fix the Windows registry. The specific names for these programs are registry cleaners or registry fixers.

Registry cleaners work by basically scanning the Windows Registry for registry problems. Some of the most common problems that occur will be corrupt or missing files.

Either way, if they are found they must go through the process of registry cleanup. This is not very hard, as all that is involved is clicking a button that will determine whether or not a faulty registry entry gets deleted.

However, people should be cautious that they are not deleting legitimate registry entries, since sometimes they get mixed in during the process of the scan. If there is a question as to whether or not an entry should get deleted, usually the registry cleaner will allow the person to put it aside in a special holding area so it can be reviewed later.

Additionally, if a registry cleaner offers backup options, a computer user can revert their Windows Registry to its original state, if there was fear something important was altered.

What is the best registry cleaner one can find?

The answer is RegCure, a shareware registry program. What is shareware? It is basically when a person is allowed a free trial of a software. If they like it they will have to purchase it in order to get full access. In the case of RegCure, the trial is a free scan offered one time to computer users.

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