Is the Honda Reflex better than the Kymco X250?

I own both a Reflex and a X250. As a side byside, I’d say that the Reflex is actually more fun and comfortable in the city (I am in Houston) and is fine on the road for touring. She’s a bit light so big rigs & strong winds can blow her a bit;

The X250 is not quite as agile in the city but better for me for touring (he’s a bit heavier). They get about the same on gas mileage. I give Beauty (blue Reflex) an A+ for city and B+ on touring. I give Tom (Orange X250) a solid A for the city and a solid A for touring (the only reason that I don’t give it an A+ is because my X500 is my favorite for 100+ mileage riding.

I find the dashboard easier to read on the Kymco but couldn’t tell you why…maybe because I have so many more miles on both my Xcitings. Storage is better on the Reflex but it doesn’t have the phone charger.

I can flat foot on the Reflex but tippy toe on the Kymcos. My X250 is actually taller than my X500; who’d a thunk that? Considering your size, I’m thinking you’d fit nicely on an Xciting although you might have to get rid of the butt pad in order to stretch your legs…which you can’t do on the Reflex…well, at least on mine.

So, I find that city, storage, seat height, comfort go to the Reflex. I find that touring, charger, sportiness, dashboard, weight go to Xciting 250. Given a choice, I go for my Xcitings almost everytime.

By the way, the Reflex is my daughter’s commuter and my spare. She adores Beauty and for the first time in her life (pushing the heck out of 40) she’s enjoying her commute!


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