Just been on a lovely ride

I just got back from a lovely little ride, my first since early January. I went to RadioWorld to pick up the update for the Garmin Quest Maps, and then went out to Bronte – in the opposite direction from my home – to see my cousin who I haven’t seen all winter because either she or her husband were sick all winter.

She isn’t in good shape. A slip on the ice the other day broke one rib and cracked three others so she is in a lot of pain.

Any way the weather is beautiful today with the Weather Channel saying 4C, but the thermometer on my bike hit a high of 10C. Bright beautiful sunshine and light winds as long as you’re away from the Lake.

Unfortunately that may be the last unless I ride to breakfast tomorrow morning. Whether I ride or not will strictly depend on the temperature. There is so much water on the roads today that the -3C forecast by the tiny minds at the Weather Channel with a high of -1C means there will be a lot of ice tomorrow morning.

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