Kapurpurawan Rock, Ilocos Norte Philippines

One of the not-so-hidden gems of Ilocos Norte is the Kapurpurawan Rock formation in the town of Burgos in Ilocos Norte. To get here, one can take a tricycle from the town proper of Burgos to the dirt road and trail leading to the rock formation.

Hiking down from the dirt road and into the seaside is very manageable, and you get to see some unusual things that are not found in the city. First you’ll notice little plants that look like dwarfed trees or bonsai that grow beside little pools. These can be found all over the place on the way to the rock formation. On the rock formation itself, one can see a magnificent view of the sea and the strong tides that crash on the side of the cliff.

The “rock” looks like a boat that was sculpted out of the cliff. On bright sunny afternoons, the yellowish glow of the rock appears as if you are somewhere in a desert.

The rock seemed to have been formed through erosion brought about by the sea and wind. The throngs of tourists that flock here everyday might also have contributed to it in some way. The local government unit here in Burgos seemed to understand the importance of protecting this place since there are patrollers here that guard against littering and vandalism on the rock walls. However, I think it would be better if visitors are not allowed to climb onto the soft rock to discourage its rapid erosion.

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