Kymco Agility 125 – My review

I have an Agility 125 which just turned 1,000 miles. The scoot has exceeded my expectations in most ways. I added a Givi Top Case, beyond that it is stock. My seat is loose but not a concern. It will latch if the seat is gently dropped from about 8″up and also latches when I sit. Right control assembly is loose but works fine when riding. I may check for the inside screws. I use the cheapest fuel possible from brand name stations and have had no issues. My mileage is typically 68mpg+ with most of my riding on 45mph+ roads. Local stations just started adding 10% ethanol. The scoot does feel a little down on power since but mileage has remained constant.

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  1. biofir August 1, 2008

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