Do you want Lambretta clothing designed by The Who?

After visiting the Lambretta clothing website I noticed that the company is planning to release a clothing range with help from the band The Who. This could be very interesting and maybe this could be a trigger for another mod clothing revival?

Here is an excerpt from the Lambretta site: “Lambretta has partnered with legendary band The Who to launch a 60’s inspired clothing range that will also feature lovingly recreated items actually worn by the band at the time of the highly influential and highly stylish mod era – including the original US army fishtail parka, exactly as it appears on the Quadrophenia album cover.”

I think the success of this clothing range will be based on the quality of the product. The clothing range is released in Autumn so I will try and purchase of few items and review them when the time comes.

What do you think? Will all the kids swap their hoddies for parkas?

I greatily appreciate any comments.


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