How to Learn the Filipino Language

To learn Filipino language in a short space of time is often many people’s goal when they begin the journey to learn another language.

There is a huge array of different languages to learn, however, people today are choosing demanding languages. The Filipino language is considered difficult, due to the range of different dialects, which make up their language.

Many people are confused regarding the differences in the Filipino language, as the dialect, which you learn will depend on where you are in the country. The locals will learn and speak the language of their regions, which can be incredibly different to other areas. This can make learning the language even more of a challenge.

English to Tagalog Book

Throughout the southern parts of the Philippines, you may need to learn Cebuano, Bisaya, or Visayan, which have been influenced by many different powers over the years.

However, if you find that this will make the process of how to learn Filipino language too complicated, you can focus on one main language.

The majority of people throughout the Philippines speak Tagalog, which is very similar to other languages in the country. Therefore, if you learn this language, you are likely to be understood, throughout the different areas.

Whether you are traveling throughout the Philippines, or want to learn a new language for yourself, this is an ideal one to master.

Tagalog is an ancient language that only became an organized language in recent years; therefore, it can appear to be chaotic. You will find that the best way to learn Filipino language is to immerse yourself in the country. Very few people speak English; therefore, you will need to speak Tagalog to survive.

If you are planning a trip to the Philippines in the near future, you may want to have lessons before you travel. Locating lessons in this language may be difficult as it is not considered a popular language to learn. However, you may be able to find a tutor, who can privately teach you the basics before you go abroad.

Understanding the basics of any language before you visit the country is beneficial, and you will find that the first few days are far easier. Being able to ask for basic supplies, directions and being polite is essential. You will be amazed how appreciative the local people will be that you made an effort and spoke to them in their native tongue.

Once you return you will be amazed at how much of the language you can speak, and many people continue, with the tutoring to improve their ability to speak Filipino.

Tagalog Lang is also a good reference website with lessons. Website:

Learning any new language is a challenge, however, the rewards are incredible, when you realize that the people you are communicating with understand you.

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