London has slowest traffic in Europe

One of the main reasons I switched to using my Vespa full time as my commuting vehicle was traffic! Now a report has shown that the average speed in London is 12mph! Now I am no expert but I am sure that you can do more than 12mpg in a Horse and Cart. It seems that we have now gone slower than the days prior to the automobile. I think one of the reasons for this lack of movement is that Britain has failed to invest substantially in its mass transport system. In comparison, the German city of Hamburg has an average speed of 40mph due the advance public transport system that is in place. In Europe, public transport is a priority rather than here where it will get the crumbs from the table, if its lucky!

We have had Dr Beeching come and destroy their local railways and John Major to sell off the remains. Britain has also removed all the trams, whilst in Europe they have built them up. In Britain we now live in a culture of rampant, choking, car-dependency…. but not us!

Get on the scooter – and show our 4 wheeled friends a better way!

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