Manila Seedling Bank

The Manila Seedling Bank Foundation is a non-governmental organization that was set up in 1977 and whose purpose is the greening of the environment.

Some of the activities that the Manila Seedling Bank is involved in are:

• the production of tree seedlings
• reforestation
• developing wood biomass energy
• developing agro-forestry plantations
• propagating and distributing ornamental plants and fruit trees
• research into all aspects of forestry

They also, as their name suggests, run a seed center that benefits a lot of farmers and gardeners by providing them with affordable seed. For more than thirty years they have been contributing this service to the community.

On a more serious note, organizations like the Manila Seed Bank Foundation are on the front line of the green revolution, they are constantly searching for better, sustainable ways to use and save our forests.

As we all know, deforestation is one of the leading causes of global warming, probably the most serious threat that mankind has ever faced. We must, with the help of dedicated groups such as the Manila Seed Bank, search for answers that will help to save our environment.

The Manila Seed Bank helps both the local community with its seeds and other programs and also contributes greatly to research that will help to save our forests and environment.

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