How to Get Rid of Mice

Do you have a pesky mouse munching holes in the walls or nesting in your belongings? Or even worse a little town of mice in a hidden part of your house?

Mouse trap

The most natural (and humane) way would be to get a cat and let nature decide the fate of the mice. I’m sure images of Tom and Jerry come to mind in this scenario!

Signs of Mice Infestation..

There are three tale tell signs that you have mice in your house especially if you haven’t spotted any yet but have your suspicions. The first is the presence of mouse droppings. These are around 7mm in length and quite thin.

These droppings will usually be close to a entry and exit point that the mouse uses on it’s midnight flurrys.

The second is a mouse hole. Mice can carve a perfect circle in almost anything to enter the building. The other sign is little nibbles on things that never used to have bite marks. They love gnawing away at almost anything.

The Most Popular Ways to Get Rid of Mice..

Natural Mouse Repellant

Your local hardware or supermarket will stock these. This is the probably the first thing to try for mouse control.

Mouse Traps (Classic and Glue)

The good old mouse trap. There are high tech models available now which close a door and trap the mouse or even use a sticky surface that the mouse gets stuck to.

Some of the best baits to use are Sultanas, Peanut Butter or Chocolate. Anything sweet and yummy that humans like, generally mice like.

Believe it or not, cheese is actually not as effective as say chocolate or something sweet. If only Tom used a little chocolate he may have caught Jerry after all :)

The Good Old Cat

Although this is extreme, if you know someone with a cat you could “borrow it” for a few days and let it do release it’s tiger instincts. Mice really do not like cats and will (hopefully) flee the building if they know a huge tiger is on the prowl.

Professional Pest Control

If all of the above do not work, they only real option is to use poison. A Pest Control company can setup baits that will destroy your mice once and for all.

Or you can look at baits from your local supermarket and make sure they contain the chemicals brodifacoum or coumatetralyl.

Just think about the most humane way of getting rid of your mice problem and you can rest easy at night. Remember they just want a bit of your tasty food and warm, cozy living too :)

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