Mickey Rourke arrested for DUI on a blue Vespa

Heres another Vespa related post -The Sin City actor Mickey Rourke seems to be a fan of blue Vespa’s and apparently the odd shot of whiskey. Mickey was caught at 4.20am on his blue vespa in Miami – Oh come on Mickey, why would you think riding your blue Vespa at 4 in the morning would not attract attention. To be honest, Vespa’s get attention even in the day -never mind underneath a pissed movie star.

Mickey Rourke DUI photo

He was picked up after he tried an illegal U turn – and police said that when they pulled him over he said “What the f**ck did I do?” It does seem that  Mickey keeps to the Hollywood stereotype.

I tried looking to find a picture of Mickeys Vespa and apparantly this is it:

Mickey Rourke blue vespa

Very nice indeed – and who said money doesn’t buy you class!


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