Mini bike kills child!

After initially looking at mini bikes/super pocket bikes back in August I have decided its time for an update. Quite a few of my readers emailed me to vent their concern regarding these small motorbikes and I feel obliged to research their concerns. The first news article I found regarding these mini bikes is extremely distressing but I feel it’s my duty to share it with you.

In the state of Victoria in Australia a three year old child was killed after crashing his bike whilst riding with his father. The child was riding his Yamaha Pee Wee 50 and rode over an embankment where he then fell three metres. The poor child hit head first and his heart stopped on impact. The worst aspect is that this all happened in front of the boys parents and friends. His dad tried to resuscitate him as soon as he found him and then the boy was flown to specialist children’s hospital. Sadly the boy died a number of hours later.

One of the main causes of the accident relates to the boys age. Even Yamaha was shocked that such a young rider was involved in such an accident

“I’ve never heard of a child that young using one,” said Sean Goldhawk from Yamaha Australia.

Supposedly the training wheels voids the warranty. I assume the training wheels were added due to the boy being unable to touch the ground while riding it. It would make sense not to allow this, I mean would you add training wheels to a super bike if you were unable to touch the floor?

I think that the message has to be shouted out-loud and clear that if child wants to rider these bikes they must be able to place their feet fully onto the floor at all times!

Another question arises about whether age restrictions should be imposed. I personally think that common sense would deem any rider under the age of 5 to be unsafe.

The parents of the boy must be suffering greatly and my heart goes out to them. I just want to make sure that another accident of this sort never happens again.


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