Motorbike Link Competition

Amerbhita village near to Dubri town in India is home to the latest motorbike based Guinness Record. A 31 year old businessman named Mizanur Rahman told reporters for the Daily Telegraph that:

“He has always been driven by a passion to do something out of the ordinary”

I got to say that sounds like the biggest understatement that I have ever heard.

Rahman decided to get 18 boys on his scooter whilst he rode in to town! When in Mombassa i saw up to 3 on a Bajaj but never anything even near 18. Luckily Dhubri superintendent of police was able to protect him whilst he broke the world record.

The article does not mention what Motorbike that he is riding but it does have an image:

If you can tell me what Motorbike it is, I will post a link to your blog/website (as long as it aint illegal 😉


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