Motorcycle/Scooter Glove question

Just received this email from good friend of mine:

Q: I have a question regarding cold weather gloves. I have owned scooters before, but I have never owned any gear. I am driving a People 50 in Chicagoland, and intending to drive as many days as I can through the winter. My daily commute is only 2 miles, and I commute to class about 9 miles each way once a week. My top speed is 35mph. Are ski gloves adequate for me? They are reinforced with leather, and they’ve got a pretty fabulous little wiper edge that I can use to keep my face shield clear. Is there a reason that I ought to have motorcycle gloves instead?

A: Motorcycle gloves are designed to protect your hands in the event of a fall, not just the cold. Ski gloves are designed to protect you from cold, but will tear apart if you go skidding across the pavement. Some ski gloves put a little leather in the palm to give you some grip on your pole, but that is sometimes just a simulated leather.

During the winter, a lot of people want to opt out for snowmobile suits to keep warm and inexpensive ski gloves. And yes, they will keep you warm. But winter riding is a time of more opportunity to fall, and need the protection of real motorcycle gear.

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