Ngong Ping in Hong Kong

Ngong Ping is a Plateau located in Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

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It features the famous Tian Tan Buddha, the Po Lin Monastery, Wisdom Path, the newly developed Ngong Ping village and the Ngong Ping Skyrail. Efforts to develop Ngong Ping into a major tourist attraction was initiated after the glut of tourist arrivals after the outbreak of SARS in the early 2000s.

Tian Tan Buddha

This famous Buddha of Hong Kong is tagged as the world’s largest –that is seated, located outdoors and made of bronze. The statue itself is made out of 202 tons of bronze. A flight of stairs lead to a viewing at the foot of the statue that offers views of Lantau Island.

Operating hours: 930AM to 630PM

Wisdom Path

This a path located at the foot of the Tian Tan Buddha for reflective meditations. The trail is arranged into an infinity shape along tree trunks inscribed with Chinese characters.

Operating hours: 9AM to 6PM

Po Lin Monastery

Once an isolated monastery constructed in 1927, the Po Lin monastery suddenly finds itself in the middle of one of Hong Kong’s tourist attractions. A temple complex within the monastery grounds is available for tourists to stroll in.

Operating hours: 9AM to 6PM

Ngong Ping Village

This village was developed after the SARS outbreak of 2003. There are seven galleries that feature multimedia presentations. The village is also composed of souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants.

Ngong Ping 360 Skyrail

The cable car ride takes you from the CityGate mall complex to Ngong Village. The 25 minute ride offers views of Lantau Island, Hong Kong international airport and the Tian Tan Buddha.

Operating Schedule:

Weekdays: 10AM to 6PM
Saturdays: 10AM to 630PM

Sundays and Holidays: 9AM to 630PM

Ngong Ping Location and Vicinity Map

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