Normal Heart Rate for Women

Do you know what the normal heart rate for women is?

Also… Do you know that your heart rate is important when you are embarking on an exercise routine or regimen?

It is a sad but undeniable fact that we are seeing such poor fitness levels in our society today that obesity has become a chronic problem for men, women, and sadly, even for children.  Along with poor fitness and obesity come other health concerns and issues, which are compounded by the fact that so many of them can cause suffering and stress and yet are preventable, if only we will get up and get active!

Heart Rate in Woman

Keeping Healthy

Today’s woman has a lot on her plate.  Modern women are wives, mothers, business women, nurturers, healers, homemakers, and more.  There is a lot of pressure on them to be on top of their game.  They are expected to excel at work and run a happy and healthy home as well.  For many of these women there just does not seem to be the time to exercise and get fit, even though their ongoing good health and fitness is necessary for the ongoing well-being of their family.

We know that physical exercise is crucial for a healthy body.  We want to look and feel good and many of us are driven by that need.  We will turn to quick-fixes that promise amazing results even though that little voice inside us keeps telling us that there is no such thing as a quick fix.  Good health and fitness comes from eating a healthy and nutritious diet, and breaking a sweat!

Starting an exercise program does not have to be just another chore that you add to your already long list of chores.  In setting a series of smaller goals you are more likely to attain them, and in so doing, you will feel motivated to continue.  Experts generally advise a 20 to 60 minute workout three or four times each week.

Remember not to be too harsh on yourself when you miss a goal or even if you miss a workout.  This will happen and you must not fall victim to the guilt that many women tend to feel when they miss out on their workout.  Take note of your achievements and motivate yourself when you feel the need to.  Put failures behind you and focus on the goals you still have before you.

You should begin your workout routine with weights before you move onto the cardio workout.  Many women tend to devote the majority of their time to the cardio workouts as opposed to the weight workout and yet both are crucial.  Doing weight training before cardio is important, because that way you are not likely to omit it altogether because you’re tired from the cardio.

For women, you need to work out to around 75% of your standard heart rate.  This is the normal heart rate for women who are working out.  To keep tabs on your heart rate it is a good idea to own a heart rate monitor.

There are a few different factors to decide what is a “Normal” heart rate in a woman. They include whether you are resting, exercising, your age, your health and how often you exercise.

Heart rate whilst at rest

A normal resting heart rate for a woman in good general health is around 60 to 70 bpms (Beats Per Minute)

Heart rate whilst performing moderate exercise

Whilst exercising it is only natural that the heart pumps harder so a healthy women who exercises on a regular basis can see a heart rate of around 90 to 120 bpms (Beats Per Minute)

As a general guide, the normal heart rate for an adult is anywhere between 60 to 100 beats per minute.

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