Numero Uno Eggs on Toast Recipe

Now the first most simple recipe is the classic Eggs on Toast. I know what your thinking.. why would I bother reading up How to make eggs on toast?

Well it’s quite simple…

Did you know Eggz on Toast would have to be the Most Amazing breakfast that exists on the planet? As soon as Monkeys became Man we worked out how to light a fire and fry some Eggs.

I am about to reveal to you the ultimate Eggs on Toast recipe that will serve your belly good after a night of many beers.

Eggs on toast


2 x Eggs

2 x Slices of Bread

2 x Slices of Cheese



Salt and Pepper

Worchester Sauce


1. Fry your two Eggs till they are a little runny on inside

2. Put your toast in the toaster till lightly browned

3. Once toast is done apply Margarine and Vegemite

4. Place 1 Slice of Cheese on each slice of toast and Microwave on High for about 20 Seconds or until cheese starts to melt.

6. Take out of Microwave and put Eggs on Top

7. Salt, Pepper and a tiny bit of Worchester Sauce to Taste

8. MMMmm Yum Yums.

Add Bacon to the above and you will experience the biggest Yum Yums of all time. Make sure you check out more yummy recipes in the search menu

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