Old Skool – Motor bikes

Check out what one of my friends made : A motorised cycle!

“Hi, It started out as a Huffy Beach Cruiser that I bought at a Thrift Store for $15 and it kind of got out of control from there. The fuel tanks are old pump style fire extinguishers from the early 1900’s and has kersone lanterns from the late 1800’s which have been bulbed and wired for light along with sirens from the 50’s that run off a 6 volt battery and Power Wheels motors.

The sidecar started life at another Thrift Store as a pull behind cart that a small child would ride in behind a parents bike and it went from there. The sidecar frame is wooden covered with canvas and sealed. I don’t know why I built it except just to see if I could and with a lot of trial and error I got what you see.

My Very First motorcycle show I went to I won “First Place” in the antique class and won “Best Fabrication” of the entire show! I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out, what do you think? Coming soon are pictures of my son’s OCC Stingray bike which is where all this really got started. By the way that’s him riding in the sidecar in the Avatar while it was in the cardboard mockup stage”


old motor bike


old motorised cycle



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