Pacijan Island Review

Pacijan is the “main” island in the Camotes Islands group.

As this is the only island with white sand beaches in the Camotes, most of the resorts are based here. San Francisco, a little town at the end of the island is located here. It has a town market and a nice little town square.

Around town you can hire motorcycle to navigate Pacijan and the neighboring Poro island. You can also arrange a little side trip to Tulang Island or the white sand beaches near the town of Esperanza, another town in Pacijan island.

If you intend to spend the night at Camotes, you can stay in one of the resorts in Pacijan island.

Santiago Bay Garden and Resort (contact no 420 3385 / 0915 815 3849) fronts a white sand bay, the best beach in the Camotes.

Mangodlong Rock resort (contact no 420 3385 / 032 345 8599) is Santiago Bay’s sister resort.

It has its own private beach with good snorkeling grounds.

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