Panglao Hotels and Resorts

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of resorts with contact numbers in Panglao Island. Hope you find this list helpful enough. If you’d like to add a resort to the list or have some of the information here updated, kindly leave a comment and we’ll update accordingly. Thank you!

Peter’s House (contact no. 0918 770 8434)
Has spartan facilities, not bad for those on a budget.

Alonaville Beach Resort (contact no. 411 3254)
Nice accommodations, near the burgeoning Panglao nightlife.

Alona Pyramid Resort (contact no. 502 9058)

Alona Tropical (contact no. 502 9031)
Resort on the quieter side of Alona Beach, has its own restaurant with lunch and dinner buffets.

Alona Kew White Beach (contact no. 502 9042)
Hotel with a wide range of accommodations from simple huts to beach front cottages.

Bohol Divers Resort (contact no. 502 9047)
Another resort with a wide range of accomodations. Has a restaurant and a tennis court.

Charlotte Dive Resort (contact no. 502 9155)

Tierra Azul (contact no. 5029065)
Located on the quiet end of the beach but not too far away from the action. Has its own restaurant.

Mondsee Land Resort (contact no. 502 9006)
A nice and quiet little resort further inland. Has a restaurant and an alcohol bar.

JJs Alona (contact no. 502 9129)
A pension house also further inland.

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa (contact no. (+632) 727.4927 manila )
A small luxury resort for those needing a little pampering. Some huts have an infinity pool.

Amarela Resort (contact no. 63 38 5029497)
A nice hotel with great decor.

Oasis Resort (contact no. 502 9083)

Alona Palm Beach Resort and Restaurant (contact no. 502 9141)

Sun Apartelle (contact no. 502 9063)

Anan Yana (contact no. 502 8101)

Panglao Island Nature Resort (contact no. 411 2599)

Dumaluan Beach Resort (contact no. 502 9081)

Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant (contact no. 500 0882)

Bohol Beach Club (contact no. manila (632) 522-4162)

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