Panglao Island

Panglao is an island in the province of Bohol that is composed of two municipalities: Dauis and Panglao. It located at the southwest of Bohol and at the east of Cebu. It can be easily reached by boat from Cebu or by air from Tagbilaran airport in Bohol.

Compared to Boracay, Panglao is much more sober with a few bars and restaurants in Alona Beach. The recent tourism boom led to the construction of a handful of inns and hotels in Panglao, suited to almost any budget. The recent surge of tourist arrivals, Panglao may just be headed in the same direction as Boracay.

Panglao Island may not be exactly Bohol’s answer to Aklan’s Boracay. What Panglao lacks in the number of bars and restaurants it makes up in the astounding marine species in its waters.The recent Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project yielded 250 new species of crustaceans and 2500 species of mollusks, to add to the great range of biodiversity present in Panglao’s waters.

It is known that the number of marine species in Panglao is greater than the number found in Japan and in the Mediterranean Sea.

Panglao Island Map

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Panglao is easily accessible by through the Tagbilaran Airport. From there you can hire a cab and take you to the island.

Sidetrips can be arranged with your hotel to take you to tourist attractions in mainland Bohol. The Chocolate Hills are popular among tourists, same is with the Baclayon church and the Tarsier Visitor’s Center.

Panglao Hotels and Accommodations

Los Horizon Resort
Contact number: 63-385029099
Clean and modern facilities located at Panglao Island. Amenities in the resort include a pool and a veranda overlooking the beach. Great resort for the family.

Alona Tropical Beach Resort
Contact number: (+6338) 502-9024
Located at Alona Beach in Panglao. Has a restaurant, souvenir shop and dive center.

Peter’s House
Contact Number: 0918 770 8434
A budget accommodation composed of native huts. Targeted mainly on divers.

Panglao beach photo by Edward Cabalit
Chocolate hills photo by jon.noj


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