Piaggio MP3 Hybrid

Piaggio has just confirmed that the Piaggio MP3 hybrid will be released in the United states in 2010.

According to sources, the new Piaggio MP3 Hybrid will have a  125ccc engine matched with a lithium battery. It’s expected that this combination will achieve the same performance as a 250cc machine. As shown with Auto hybrids, the fuel efficiency on the MP3 Hybrid will be around 140 mpg which compares favourable with the current 70mpg available using current petrol driven scooters.

Whilst i personally don’t find the Piaggio MP3 a particular attractive scooter, the move towards hybrid is a good sign.  Scooters are finally getting the mainstream recognition in the United States thanks to efficiency awareness. The Hybrid model will create a stark comparison with the gas guzzling SUV’s that infect our highways.

As with most hybrid technology, the MP3 Hybrid will not be cheap. This summer the  MP3 hybrid will be released in Europe with a  $10,000 price tag.

We can expect to see the MP3 Hybrid at the start of 201o for the USA and in the next few months in mainland Europe.


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