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The vast majority of my scooter/vespa friends are male and I feel that I may have left some of my female readers out in the cold with most of my recent blog posts. However today I saw a pink Vespa parked up outside my work and it reminded me to write a blog post to the female Vespa riders are out there. According to the New York Times ” Forty percent of new (Vespa) buyers are women.”

This blog post is aimed at this 40%

  1. A good place to start getting ideas about prices for a your pink vespa is
  2. Read the blog This site has tons of information aimed at female vespa/motorcyle riders – Keep this one bookmarked
  3. Send your pictures/stories to me and I will post it on this blog.

Sorry for the lack of content but I think I still have a lot to learn about the female Vespa riders out there.

I think it’s time I make my way over to

Also if you are desperate to get your hands on a Pink Vespa these guys are selling some “cheap” scooters that people might be interested (sorry but this deal is only available for the UK – sorry guys.)


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