Pixel Games

3D graphics in an HD LCD TV is awesome and mind-blowing, thanks to modern technology.

But it can sometimes seem cold, emotionless and dull. Relive the warm, fuzzy feeling of the old times when Mario was a jolly 2D chap with these pixel games sites with a modern twist.



Nitrome is a pixel games site with excellent pixel graphics. The games are not only addictive but they look really good. The top games in this pixel games site are doghouse, mallet mania and onekey.



It may look like the most old school arcade site among the three pixel games sites here, but the concept of the games are seriously cool. You can also show your appreciation by buying a Pixel Jam shirt from their store.

Pixel Art Games


This pixel games site allows visitors to download games so you can play them offline without connecting to the internet. The most popular games in this pixel games site are Guardian of Paradise, Chocolate Castle and Alice Greenfingers.

If you have other pixel games sites you discovered, please post the link in the comments page so we can review it and post it in this page. Thank you!

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