How to Get Rid of Pop Ups

Everyone knows how annoying it is to get those unwanted popup’s whilst browsing the web or even just using your computer. They are as aggravating as the unwanted e-mails that you get every day, and sometimes even your firewall will not stop them.

Spyware Problems

Many websites that people go to have ad-ware and spyware (or popups) that will flash on your screen without your permission.

When you try to get rid of popups, the only options that are offered will usually take away a useful feature that you really want to keep. If you set your firewall to the high setting, you cannot go to any websites that you normally do, unless you have calibrated the firewall to allow these sites. Then you still get popups from that site. This does cut down on the number of popup’s that you get.

Learning how to get rid of computer popups is not as easy as it seems. For instance, I picked up an ad-ware, not long ago and I tried some of the free antivirus/ad-ware/spyware checkers. All of them claimed to be the best on the market.

Although they were good, they only fixed about 3 at a time, and some virus checkers only let you fix one. I can understand this as people take advantage of really good companies, and will use them free as long as they can. The companies are trying to make money, which is their purpose.

During my research for anti-virus/ad-ware/spyware, I have checked quite a few of the free sites only to find out that they were not free at all. One website was low priced that offered protection for $12.00 a month for a year. Another site that said it was free, was an ad-ware itself, as you had to sign up for another product, for a 14 day free trial, then if you didn’t purchase the product you were left high and dry, with no protection at all. And many websites do not even give you a price; they just offer you a free trial.

It is best to stay away from any website that is not 100% free, and there are 3 browsers that have very good popup blockers already on their search bars. If you begin to see popups after you have turned on its popup blocker, then you will probably just need to check for an updated version.

So you will always want to leave your option to update your computer set to always be turned on. Beware of the ad-ware on these tool bars as they try to fool people into believing they are free when they are not.

Some websites that you go to use Active X controls and if you do not tell it to run Active X it will not allow you to go to the website. Be sure that you definitely want to go to the website before clicking on this feature.

I have always heard that nothing is free in life, however Freeware Geeks provides some good freeware software solutions.

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