Portable Propane Heaters

As you know I am based in the northern hemisphere so therefore plagued with the cold weather that comes this time of year.

You will notice it on your bike as you start to notice the ends of your fingers starts to go numb after a quick ride round the block.

Me and my mates like to wear full face helmets and therefore the cold hits us a lot more. I have tried to use scarves to wrap round and protect my large nose from Jack Frost but this only works for a short period of time. To be honest, riding isn’t so bad as you have something to think about – i.e not falling off.

My main issue is my work shed! The wife says I complain endlessly about the cold but never do anything about it.

To be perfectly honest she is right – I complain worse than my father ever did, and more so than his father. I think in Britain we get used to being able to work all night in the summer and then winter seems to strike without any kind of warning. I used to be able to work most evenings on many of my scoots or other DIY projects but now I find it a lot harder.

I find the biggest problem is in my hands – when I they go numb I lose the vast majority of my dexterity. But the past week has been really different as I am using portable propane heater to keep my shed warm. Now I can work way into the night without a worry of the cold.

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