Potty Training Puppies

When you bring home a new puppy, one of the most urgent issues quickly becomes housebreaking your pet and there are many different methods when it comes to potty training puppies. As nice as it would be, puppies are not born knowing when and where to go to the bathroom.

It is your responsibility to teach him and to make sure you give him plenty of opportunities. Understand that puppies will have accidents, and try to be extremely patient.

Crate training puppies has been proven to be very successful for many dog owners. You may have to try multiple housebreaking methods when training your puppy. Improper house breaking can lead to future problems, so be sure to follow professional proven training methods.

Crate training seems to be the most gentle and effective method for many puppies, so how do you accomplish it? First, you should make sure the crate is set up and puppy is comfortable with it. Next, pick an outdoor spot where you want your puppy to go to the bathroom. Keep your puppy in his crate near you, and every hour take him to his designated potty spot. Use a cue word for your dog to associate with this process, like “potty”.

While you are waiting on him to use the potty, repeat this keyword as you walk back and forth or in circles. If he does eliminate (go to the bathroom), praise him immediately and enthusiastically, and offer him a treat. If he does not use the bathroom, return him to his crate and try again in about twenty minutes.

Once your puppy goes to the bathroom, allow him some free playtime outside of his crate. Reward his success with plenty of attention before returning him to his crate.

Repeat this sixty-minute schedule until your pet knows how to let you know when he needs to go to the bathroom. Be sure to take food and water away shortly before bedtime, and take him to the potty right before you go to sleep. You will probably need to get up once or twice in the night to take your puppy outside until his training is complete.

Once your puppy is housebroken during the daytime, you can try to set up an indoor potty for him. Use the same method to teach him that this is where he needs to go to the bathroom when he cannot get outside.

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Potty training puppies may take some time and patience, but it will be well worth it when you no longer have to worry about stepping in your puppy’s indoor accident! Make sure you start this process immediately, and it won’t take long to see results.

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