Problems with Vespa Insurance

Insuring your scooter can be a nightmare when compared with home insurance, car insurance and travel insurance.

When I first got my scooter the first place that I went to obtain insurance for my Vespa was the internet. To my surprise in the UK there are only a handful of insurance companies who will insure a scooter for a competitive rate.

Unlike other insurance, there is no one website that is able to compare all the others. It took me most of the day to find and contact each of the insurers and then got the lowest quote from Equity Red Star. One of the main things that I found that helped reduced my quote was to only get third party insurance.

If you get Fire and Theft then it’s usually the case that if you claim you will have to payout at least 50% of the value of your bike – so it ends up not being worth it. You are far better off – putting the extra cost into a high savings account – which is not to be touched unless your scooter is stolen.


  1. Nathaniel Burgmans May 14, 2008
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